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Nominations for the Beacon Awards 2015 will open on 23 October

The Beacon Awards for Philanthropy has launched a search for the most inspirational philanthropists in the UK. Beacon Awards are presented to those whose giving will inspire others to give and contains useful lessons for other philanthropists.
The main award is the Beacon Award for Philanthropy. In addition Beacon will also be presenting:
     •    Beacon Award for Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation
     •    Beacon Award for an Outstanding Partnership Between a Philanthropist and a Charity
     •    Beacon Award for City Philanthropy (sponsored by the City of London Corporation’s charity, City Bridge
          Trust through its project City Philanthropy – A Wealth of Opportunity)
     •    Beacon Award for Cultural Philanthropy
     •    Beacon Award for Impact Investment
The deadline for the nominations is 6pm on Friday 5 December.
For full information about categories and to submit a nomination please visit this page.
To mark the launch of the 2015 awards, and to encourage nominations, Beacon is celebrating ten inspirational philanthropists from cities around the UK, many little known, to kick start a debate about how the UK has been shaped by philanthropy and who has left a ‘philanthropy footprint’ that still affects society today. The full list can be found on this page. Check the hashtag #philanthropyfootprint to see the conversation.