Beacon Award for City Philanthropy


Prem Goyal is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and CEO of Global Markets Consultants (GMC). In 2010, GMC launched One London. Its mission is to create a city where people of all faiths, backgrounds, and cultures live and prosper together. To date, GMC has pledged £3 million and 20,000 professional hours from its staff to ensure London taps the talent of all people and achieve equality at the top.


Alexander Hoare is currently a Partner & Director at C. Hoare & Co., the oldest privately owned bank in the UK. Alexander is committed to the philanthropic values of the Hoare family. The bank has donated over £1.4 million to The Golden Bottle Trust, which donates to Arts, Education, and Health causes, among others.


Michael Sherwood is the Vice Chairman of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., and the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs International from 2005-2016. Michael founded Table-Tennis for Kids with former England table-tennis champion Matthew Syed. The charity aims to keep children off streets, increase their self-esteem, and lift kids’ aspirations. The charity has now merged with Greenhouse Sports, which hosts table tennis clubs across London.