Beacon Trailblazer Award


Lily Cole is a supermodel, actress, and social activist. She founded Impossible, a social enterprise where people share skills and post offers of help purely out of kindness, and without exchanging money. Lily has also been vocal in campaigning for the rights of migrants during the refugee crisis, and has led Project Literacy, a campaign which calls for action to tackle illiteracy across the world.


Ben Handford is the Managing Director of Naked Marketing, a branding and design company based in Norfolk. He is also a founder member of the Norfolk Future Fund, a group where individuals work together to give to local causes. Ben’s company has provided pro bono design services to Norfolk Community Foundation from day one, and as part of the Norfolk Future Fund, has helped support various local organisations and events.


Hadeel Ibrahim is the founding Executive Director of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. Hadeel helped develop the Africa Center, which she is also Co-Chair of, by raising the funds required to create the multi-million dollar Center. Based in New York, the institution “provides a gateway for engagement with contemporary Africa” [1].



Martin Lewis is a campaigning broadcaster, journalist and founder of the UK’s biggest consumer website In the last year with a personal donation of £2 million he founded the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute charity, which he now chairs. It aims to find and implement policy solutions to reduce the marriage made in hell that are debt and mental health issues. His giving-strategy focuses around consumer and financial empowerment – he spearheaded and funded the successful campaign to get financial education on the national curriculum and continues to fund My Money Week in UK schools. He also created and funds financial triage at Trussell Trust food banks, and with £2 million donated to Citizens Advice, its ‘Martin Lewis Innovation Fund’ gives money to individual local bureaux to help with innovative trial projects on money, health and social care. With a £15 million charity fund, he hopes to continue to push these agendas.