Dame Kelly Holmes DBE

Beacon Award for Philanthropy In Sport

Double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes, DBE, is using her focus and determination to get the lives of disadvantaged young people back on track by employing world-class athletes to engage, enable and empower them.

“At a time where there are more than one million 16 to 25-year-olds not in education, employment or training in the UK, our work is more important than ever,” says Dame Kelly who launched her Trust in 2008, four years after her legendry Olympic win.

“Our unique team of athletes – called our GiveBack Team – are supported to realise how their attitudes from the sports arena are of great value beyond sport. They have been trained to deliver transformational and inspirational support to young people in need.”

The athletes cultivate key attitudes such as focus, resilience, motivation, confidence and determination as the outcomes of success in young people. An independent report estimated that the Trust’s Get on Track, On Track to Achieve and AQA Unlocking Potential programmes had a combined social value of £23 million.