Dame Vivienne Westwood CBE and Cool Earth

Beacon Award for an Outstanding Partnership between  a Philanthropist and a Charity

Fashion icon Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE is using fame and funding to save the world’s climate-protecting rainforests that are being lost at a faster rate than ever. She has donated more than £1.5m to Cool Earth, the charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction in Peru, the Congo Basin and Papua New Guinea.

Cool Earth’s model centres on developing local livelihoods to end the cycle of deforestation that entrenches villages into further poverty. It is the only charity that works solely where the threat to the forest is greatest; on the frontline of deforestation.

Dame Vivienne says: “Cool Earth has a practical plan, already working, and it will cost an incredibly small amount compared to the enormous benefit. Indeed, if we save the rainforest we might save the planet and if we don’t – forget it.”

Cool Earth’s Director Matthew Owen says of her support: “Cool Earth has never had a more hands-on supporter. Vivienne Westwood wants to understand and be involved in every stage of saving the rainforest, which makes her the most effective ambassador we could hope for.”