Martin Lewis OBE

Beacon Trailblazer Award

Campaigning journalist and household name Martin Lewis OBE, AKA the Money Saving Expert, has worked for nearly a decade to free the nation from what he calls the ‘marriage made in hell that is mental health and debt problems’.

People with mental health problems are four times as likely to be in problem debt as the rest of us. Martin aims to change that.

Though Martin never set out to make money, The Money Saving Expert site he set up aged 30 for £100 has given him the opportunity to donate large amounts of money, along with time and his personal trusted brand ‘to plug the holes’ that his day job does not reach.

“I consider most of my work to be public service. I’m fortunate to have incredible reach through the site and TV to show people how to be financially savvy and avoid debt. Some have estimated the website has in total probably saved users over £10 billion.”